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What you can expect during your visit to Rebbec Chevrolet Buick GMC

Connecting you with your next car: Contact Us

Upon your arrival a sales consultant will greet you promptly either on our lot, or at our door. They will be courteous, kind, and focused on your needs today. They will take you seriously as a buyer, no matter what your situation or needs may be. They are there to answer your questions and connect you to the right vehicle if you have not already selected one. If you are here to see a specific vehicle, they will help you find the vehicle, open it up for you, and share what they know about it.

A high quality test drive focused on your needs: View New Inventory

Our sales consultants will help licensed drivers 18 and over take a test drive. During your test drive, we will encourage you to drive the vehicle to simulate your normal day of driving, whether it be in town driving, two lane driving, or interstate driving. If there is more than one driver on this visit we will encourage all drivers to take a turn. Your test drive is an important aspect of your decision to purchase or not, and we want you to connect well with the vehicle, and what it will do for you. Upon your selection, and test drive we will confirm that the vehicle is a great fit. Of course, we know as you do that the dollars and cents of your deal are important.

Getting you the most we can for your current vehicle: View Used Inventory

Our sales consultants will gather some basic information from you at this point, and if you have a vehicle to consider for a trade in, we will gather information on that as well. We will take some time with you to properly evaluate all of the good things your previous car has done for you. We will check the cars overall condition, what it may or may not need to bring it to market, road test it, and start doing research on what it will do in the next market after you trade it in to us. Understanding your driving habits and needs going forward is at the center of all of what we do during your visit.

An informed price proposal: Get Financing

We will work with you, not against you, to secure a fair and accurate price proposal, focusing on the numbers that matter to you. We know that this part of your process commonly produces the most anxiety for everyone involved. When a price proposal is a shared experience, based on knowledge, facts, and logic, we can effectively eliminate almost all of these anxieties together. We will tell you exactly what your figures come out to be, and why we have arrived at those numbers. Be it a bottom line, a trade value, a sale price, or a payment, the numbers that matter to you will be talked about, confirmed, and completely understood by all of us. The bottom line is we want to make your price proposal work for you, not against you. We will not pressure you in any way to make a decision, but we will ask you for your business if we have found the right vehicle, at a price you feel is fair.

A smooth purchase: Hours And Directions

Upon confirmation of your purchase, the consultant will gather the vital information necessary to complete your transaction. You will want to have your drivers license, your insurance information, your registration card, your title to your old car if you have it, any extra sets of keys. The sales consultants will take great care in your transition from you previous car to your new one. In our business office, the business manager will listen to and answer all of your questions about financing, leasing, insurance, extended service contracts, and other products and services. We are here to save you time and money in our business office, and we take great pride in helping everyone we can no matter their credit history, income, and qualifications. We have a good portfolio of lenders with a good understanding of your needs, whether it be highly competitive finance rates, extended terms to meet your payment needs, or if you are in a rebuilding, or start up phase in your credit experience, we can help.

After your purchase: View Specials

A day or so after your purchase or sales consultants will contact you via email, phone, or text, to see how you are doing with your purchase. This is to ensure your total satisfaction with your purchase, and address any questions or concerns you may have at this point. In the time that follows, we will want to remain connected to you in any form you wish, so that you have a long lasting enjoyment of your new vehicle.